Super colourful and intricate wedding and bridal hair accessories
Want to be brave and daring?  Well, you have arrived at the right place and thanks for the visit!
I can  an accessory that will make you feel like its the summer time ! With all the vibrant colours, you will be guaranteed to feel extra special. However, while designing the hair accessory, I will stay well within the boundaries of your thoughts for your occasion. Not keen on summer? Just name your season. This is the ultimate service  exclusive to Beady Bride and especially for those brides out there that wish to add colour and vibrancy to  their hairstyle on their wedding day. 

Bridal wedding hair accessories gloucestershire

The focus is colour, detail, intricacy and meticulousness. Each head piece is designed for maximum colour effect and each will vary in size depending on the nature of the materials used. The bright and bold colours of the accessories will emphasise the uniqueness of the end product. 

The head pieces and hair accessories in this range can only be truly appreciated once you have set your eyes on them so I really encourage you to come and have a look at some examples during your consultation / trial.

On contact, we will discuss more in detail about this service.

Hair & accessory by Sheena
Image by James Fear Photography

Image above by James Fear Photography
Hair and hair accessory by Sheena at