The bridal hair accessory package

I provide the ultimate package of providing or making your hair accessory as well styling your hair for your wedding day. Choosing this service will ensure that your hair style and hair accessory  perfectly suit you and your dress. I am based in Cheltenham but I will offer this service to all brides getting married in the Cotswolds and Gloucestershire-UK. Hairstyling is an absolute love of mine. If  you are in a dilemma as to what will best suit you, please dont hesitate to get in touch.  You can see more of my work on my hairstyling website

Crystal bridal hair pin accessories by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK

The accessories in this range are mostly designed in white, clear, or cream bridal colours only. I use mainly high quality natural fresh water pearls, high quality mother of pearl beads, high quality glass beads and Swarovski crystal beads for the ultimate sparkle effect.

 Please click on the images for a magnified view of each image.
Image: an example of small hair pins 3 @ £25. The bridesmaids ones would be smaller and made in a pack of 10 hair pins @ £40 

Simple bridal hair vine by Beady Bride-UK-Image by Simon Bunney

The focus is your bridal vision.
Your vision will be implemented with total control, precision and confidence which will leave you feeling beautiful and relaxed before you walk down the aisle.

If you would like the hair accessories in other colours, please visit the bespoke hair accessories page or the non bridal hair accessories page.

The bride in this image is wearing a simple bridal hair vine @ £75. A shorter version of this is £55.

Image credits: Simon Bunney Photography

Delicate bridal hair vine by Beady Bride-UK

The intricay and design of your bridal hair accessories will depend on your needs. If you will need diamantes added to your hair accessory please just let me know when you make an order.

Image: an example of a simple and delicate hair vine. This is a short one measuring 1"  x 7"  @ £55. The length can be re-adjusted to suit your needs.

Bridal hair pin accessory by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK

The choice of type of accessory will very much depend on your taste and your vision of how you would like to look like on the day. The bride in the image is wearing tiny hair pins 3 @ £25.

Hair pins are really great because they look great in most hair styles and absolutely perfect for very fine hair because they are incredibly light. They are also perfect for the bridesmaids if you dont want too much for them.

Image by Tom Durn 

Crystal and pearl bridal hair pins by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK

This is an example of a bridal hair accessory at £55. The intricay and design will depend on your needs. The size of this is also perfect as a bridesmaids hair accessory. 

Bridal hair styling and hair accessories by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK

I am interested. But how much will the bridal package cost?

Minimum amount of people in this package is bride+ 1 person as below.
Bridal hair styling to include trial  is £200 + 1 person`s hair styling & trial is £100 + your choice of hair accessory from the below choices of bridal hair accessories.

If you have more than 2 bridesmaids to add to the package please CLICK PRICE LIST to see the full price list.

Image credits: Tom Wood photography

Intricate bridal hair vine accessory by Beady Bride-UK

The choices of bridal hair accessories possible for a bridal package are as below.
Small bridal hair pins accessory 3 for £25
Bridal hair accessory £55
Simple bridal hair vine - short one £55-75 for long one.
Intricate bridal hair vine £120
Small bridal head piece £75
Large bridal head piece £120
Half head garland £150
Full head garland £250

The image on left is an example of an intricate bridal hair vine. It is very light and perfect for fine hair.

Bridal hair accessory by Beady Bride-UK

Image: an example of a bridal hair accessory. This has small loops for easy pinning into hair or it can be be amounted on a metal hair comb. Measures about 3"  x 5"  @ £55

How long will my accessory take to be completed?

Please allow 2-8weeks for me to finish your hair accessory. A more precise time scale will be given once I know precisely what kind of accessory you would like to have.

When will I receive my ordered hair accessory?

You will receive your completed hair accessory at your wedding hair trial. This will be done to make sure that we have got the perfect look for you. After the trial, once you are happy with the hair accessory and hairstyle, you can proceed to pay the full balance for the service.

Simple bridal  hair vine by Beady Bride-UK

The image on left is an example of a long length simple bridal hair vine £75. Thisone measures about 1" x 26". The length can be re-adjusted to suit your needs. Please let me know the measurements you will require on contact.

I would like to have just the hair accessory without hair styling. Is this possible?

Of course this not a problem. Please send me an email with your requirements from the above quotes or you can buy directly from the shop

I am happy and would like to proceed. How do I book the appointment?

A deposit of 50%  of the total amount is required to book the bridal package appointment. Please send me an email quoting what you would like to have and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Click on CONTACT to send me an email.


Bridal hair pin accessory by Beady Bride-Gloucstershire-UK
Simple hair vine accessory  by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK

Get in touch.

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If you cannot get through to me please send a text message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Image on left is an example of a simple hair vine accessory.
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